Precut Plywood Backing

High Crest offers plywood, that is precut and designed to save time, money & mess on site.
There is no need for precision measuring or cutting
This product is ideal for Tennant improvements & new builds.
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GFRG access panels for drywall

Durable, minimal and easy to install. Each panel has minimal edge gap for a highly
sought after flush look variety of stocked, standard and custom sizes are available.
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Custom GFRG Radius DetailProducts

GFRG is an innovative lightweight gypsum product that can be used for applications
such as domes, column covers and curved wall features to create your perfect design!.
You dream it, we build it!
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Preformed Drywall Products
With our custom made drywall products, you save time and money by eliminating corner beads. You also get the edge of factory prices with ready-to install finishes that are perfect for your project!
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VOGL Acoustic Ceiling panels
Combination of the aesthetics of Vogl acoustic design ceilings with the functionality of conventional ceiling tiles. Continuous perforation patterns, the possibility to use square, round and slotted perforation or even a combination
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Innovative custom preformed precision engineered architectural products

About Us

High Crest Architectural Products Inc. specializes in delivering innovative preformed architectural products for commercial and residential construction projects. We work with you to bring your design to life and save time and labor costs. High Crest’s custom-preformed drywall solutions are precision-engineered with perfect fit and finish allowing you to accelerate construction and simplify installation while ensuring years of durability. 

The team at High Crest is committed to delivering the highest quality product and in order for us to deliver on this promise, we can count on you in having a clear understanding of what your project entails at all times – from initial contact to product delivery, we will guide you through every step. High Crest’s approach to reducing time and cost has always been a key part of delivering value, from understanding project drawings through the delivery of material on-site, we look beyond what is written. In order to create an efficient design, we collaborate with installers to identify ways they can streamline installations while cutting costs across larger scope projects by working closely together as partners.

Why Choose us?

Saves time and up to 50% labor cost.

You can cut down on time and money spent on traditional finishing methods, as well as provide precision product for stunning results.

Premium Quality

Our quality standards align our service and production activities, and we ensure customers receive high-quality products on every project, every time.

Precise fit & perfect Finish

All our products can be ordered to precise dimensions as per your design requirements.

Reduce Sawdust on Site

All the pieces are precut and fabricated at our factory, this will help you reduce construction mess and save time.

Our Products

Precut Plywood Backing (With Optional Dado Cut)

High Crest offers Canadian-manufactured plywood, that is precut and designed to save you time, money & mess on site. There is no need for precision measuring or cutting, as the pieces are delivered ready to install. This product is ideal for Tennant improvements & new builds. We also stock full sheet plywood for wholesale prices.

Prefabricated Drywall Products

The right lighting design can transform any space. Light Coves are challenging to finish perfectly by conventional methods. Machine precise process results in perfect angles and straight edges that can only be achieved with this type of product, making it an easy choice when designing residential or commercial spaces.

Prefabricated GFRG Access Panels

Our GFRG Access panels have a perfect blend into the ceiling and come with lift & shift or hinged latching drop down that are ideal for commercial projects. Prefabricated GFRG Access Panels – PANEL-FX are, easy to install with perfect fit and finish and concealed hinge that seamlessly blends into your ceiling and common sizes are available for immediate shipping from our warehouse.

Custom GFRG preformed products

GFRG is a fiberglass reinforced gypsum product that can be used for any application that would be difficult to finish traditionally. The material is lightweight yet durable which makes it perfect to create curved wall transitions as well as modeled ceiling features.

High Crest is proud of our partnership with VOGL Ceiling Systems as Canada’s Authorized Distributor.

VOGL is a German based company, who specialize in manufacturing customized acoustic ceiling products for 50+ years. 

High crest is a proud member of

Customer reviews

“You and your team did an amazing job at Uniqlo Metrotown! Thank you for the…quality assurance throughout. Glad to see we are working together again on the Guildford Town Centre "Uniqlo Project"
Adam Coleman
Managing Superintendent, SCC Construction
 “High Crest’s expedited delivery of preformed drywall profiles, and samples provided within a day or two to get approval saves a lot of time, money and hassle”
Jim Hildebrandt
General Manager, Raicor Contracting Ltd.
“The things High Crest can do with drywall are amazing! …That change alone saved us $4,000.00. We continue to use High Crest’s ingenuity every chance we get”
Greg Turner
Owner, Tri T Wall & Ceiling Ltd.
“We frequently use High Crest and their Edge-FX, because it saves us time on our sites.... The pre-formed cove profiles are available much quicker, and less expense than buying metal trims out of the USA – which still need finishing anyway.  All round it’s a great solution.”
Travis Sloat
Sr. Project Manager,Robertson Walls & Ceilings

Our clients

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