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High Crest is proud to announce our partnership with VOGL Ceiling Systems as Canada’s Authorized VOGL Product Distributor.

Originating in Germany, Vogl has been manufacturing acoustic ceiling products for over 50 years, and is a world leader in acoustically designed perforated gypsum products.

Industry Concerns

Precision Wall and Ceiling Finishes

Effortlessly Consistent Preformed Gypsum Profiles

Continuous straight lengths, exact edges and angles are guaranteed to minimal tolerances with EDGE-FXTM and PANEL-FXTM preformed drywall profiles. Ideal for complex shapes, precise details, or continuous lengths, preformed gypsum consistently delivers superior drywall finished every time.

Seamless & Continuous Acoustic Ceilings

Experience accurate and effective acoustic capabilities and the simplest installation of any acoustically designed perforated board on the market. Vogl Ceiling Systems allow for of Seamless installation and continuous perforation patterns.

Safety First

Material Safety and Building Code Compliance

Safety is always an important concern for construction projects at every stage, from material processing through occupancy. Tight project deadlines my force completion at the expense of precise finished results, or even safety, but deadlines can be met safely and with precision through use of prefabricated products and simple installation processes.

Feel confident when selecting products from High Crest. All our products meet Canadian Building Code requirements and material safety requirements.

Check out our Certified 1-hour fire rated boxes

Efficient Material Use

Reduced Material Use and Improved Gypsum Recycling

High Crest reduces material waste both on and off construction sites. Reduction of waste is achieved by careful assessment of material use, and incorporation of gypsum cut-offs whenever possible.

This minimizes waste materials transported for recycling, maximizes material use, and assists in reducing the transport of materials to and from both High Crest facilities, and to and from construction sites.

Panel-FX coffered panels prefab gypsum drywall Quan Jude Restaurant
Panel-FX coffered panels prefab gypsum drywall Quan Jude Restaurant

• Perfect wrapped edges
• No corner bead
• Precise angles & dimensions
• Quick Installation
• Reduced waste

Edge-FX prefab preformed gypsum profile

• Precise corners & edges
• Exact angles & dimensions
• continuous straight lengths
• Prefinished edges
• No corner bead
• Reduced framing
•Quick Installation
• Reduced waste

Curve-FX GFRG Glass fibre reinforced Gypsum column wraps

• Delivered with engineered drawings
• Custom moulded 
• Tapered joint for smooth finishes

• Lightweight
• Strong


• Superior acoustic performance
• Multiple design options
• Reduce reverberation times
• Noise reduction
• Easy installation

High Crest Products

Precision Wall & Ceiling Products

If you’d like to ask about site specific applications, our team of industry experts are happy to offer their knowledge and advice.

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