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We proudly present a ceiling system that stands out with flying colors!

In the realm of sports facilities and multi-purpose halls, our ceilings shine as stars, seamlessly blending superior acoustic performance with unwavering structural stability.
In bustling spaces where foot traffic reigns supreme, the significance of acoustic ceilings cannot be overstated. They harmonize the auditory landscape, curating an inviting atmosphere primed for sports, cultural spectacles, and soul-stirring musical performances.

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Vogl Fuge : Sports Facilities

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Public Buildings and Institutions

Ceilings in sports facilities: VOGL Fuge

Within the realm of drywall construction, acoustic design ceilings rise to meet the most stringent requirements in both functionality and visual appeal. Especially in areas of high traffic, these ceiling systems function as sound absorbers, cooling agents, and captivating focal points all in one. Given this context, meticulous installation precision becomes paramount. Unlike standard ceiling solutions, any installation missteps here are glaringly evident in the end product, profoundly impacting its overall look. Enter the VoglFuge system, a game-changer that expedites the creation of acoustic design ceilings with a focus on speed, economy, and unwavering installation reliability, ensuring outcomes that are nothing short of assured.