Vogl Fuge: University Classroom

Acoustic ceilings are crucial for shaping a room's sound environment. To determine the right sound absorption, factors like room volume and usage must be considered. Large spaces such as schools, offices, and public buildings pose unique challenges for acoustics. They require a coordinated approach to meet their specific needs.

For outstanding room acoustics, we offer a wide range of impressive acoustic design ceilings. These options come in various forms, colors, and performance capabilities.

Public Buildings and Institutions

Vogl Fuge: University Classroom

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Public Buildings and Institutions

Ceilings in University and Institutions: A Class Act

VOGL ACOUSTIC PLASTERBOARD - A CLASS ACT! Designed to inspire. Engineered to perform. Vogl's unique filler free jointing system allows for a super-fast installation and is guaranteed not to crack! Group 1 fire rated with brilliant acoustics - go straight to the top of the class!